McWod Files

A New Home
This Place Just Got a Bit More Hostile

The anomaly has doubled in size and all contact with DC has been cut off. Evidence points to something similar to an EMP having detonated at the capital, but on a scale that is unheard of.

The increase in size created a little bit of havoc with the party, and apparently for Agent Hamilton as well. Reports are that this has caused more problems with monsters in and around Austin.

The hunters are still planning on a jailbreak for SDF, but have a lot more questions. One of the hunters appears to be in a position of command in the National Guard, which has been mobilized under the command of Governor Perry, and is willing to use his troops and his hardware to further the goals of the hunter groups.

The party has relocated into an underground location in the forests northeast of Bastrop along with Agent Hamilton and at least 4 other agents.

Also, a rumor is floating around that one of the party members is putting themselves on the market for an online fling.



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